This is a trail running event organized by the Diário de Noticias, and AMRAM – Association of Municipalities of Madeira. The main idea is to promote trail running sport in all municipalities. The Ribeira Brava Madeira Trail Series takes place in the municipality of Ribeira Brava.

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Ribeira Brava – Madeira Trail Series is a trail running event organized by the Diário de Notícias newspaper in partnership with AMRAM (Madeira’s Municipalities Association) and within the project that aims to promote trail running in all its municipalities.

Ribeira Brava is located in the southwest of the Madeira Island just 15 km away from Funchal. With origins in 1440, Ribeira Brava’s location and orography made of this municipality one of the most important of the island due the ease of communication with other points.

The landscape of this land of dream and tradition is dominated by high mountains, deep valleys and abrupt slopes surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The highest points are Pico Grande and Pico do Cerco, with 1,675 and 1,586 meters, respectively. These natural conditions are absolutely perfect for trail running.

From the sea to the hills, between pathways, levadas, native fauna and flora and viewpoints we find idyllic landscapes that offer unique trails and an unforgettable trail running experience!

This trail running event has two trails: a 24km trail with 2100m of positive gradient and, a 11km trail with 850m of positive gradient. Both trails start and end in the village of Ribeira Brava and pass through the most emblematic points of the municipality.

Registration fees are €10 for the 11 km trail and €15 for the 24 km trail.

Questions about Ribeira Brava Madeira Trail Series? Contact us!

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