Trail running can spike your interest in running

There are few things more primal to human beings than running. Throughout history, and in each individual’s life, running has served many different purposes and has been undertaken for a variety of reasons. Exercise in the form of jogging has become one of the most popular activities today. So, we shouldn’t have to sell you on running itself. But for some people the thought of lacing up their shoes and hitting the track or treadmill does not inspire them. So why not try running with a new spin? Trail running can spike your interest in running!

It can increase your health, provide a new challenge and help to reconnect you with nature. If you’re a novice runner and aren’t sure where to start when it comes to trail running, worry not, we’re here to help.

Here is a brief compilation of tips for beginning trail running:

“Keep your ego in check”

Trail running can be difficult at first, it can be a big step up from your normal run so don’t expect to immediately power up Mount Everest. Don’t overexert yourself, just look to find your rhythm and be consistent.

“Know the rules”

There are some common sense etiquette things to keep in mind before heading out on your first trail run. Yield to bikers, horseback riders, and, runners coming downhill. Don’t run off the trail or litter this can damage the local environment.

“Have the right gear”

You’re likely to get dirty and wet while trail running so be sure to wear shoes and clothing that you don’t mind putting some wear on. Fancy trail running shoes are not a requirement for beginners, a decent pair of trainers will generally do.

“Think safety”

It’s not a bad idea to apply the same safety precautions to trail running that you do to hiking. Tell someone where you’re going, be prepared, have enough water, bring a map or cell phone and be sure to make plenty of noise if running in an area with a lot of wildlife. Also keep your eyes peeled for rocks and protruding roots that can easily cause injury if caught in the wrong way.

Use common sense, start out slow and build up your progress over time. There is no shame in walking at the beginning or when your body is telling you to take it easy. With those caveats said, and those tips listed, what are you waiting for? Lace up your shoes and hit the trail!

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