Elevation gain 1162 m | Distance 13 km | Altitude min. 356 m | Altitude max. 1290 m

Chão Da Ribeira trail running tour route

Chão da Ribeira – Voltas – Fanal – Cavaca – Chão da Ribeira

This trail starts from Chão da Ribeira, Seixal, in a deep valley of the great mountains located in the north part of Madeira Island. Following the road until its end, we enter Vereda das Voltas, an interminable zig-zag ascent through the Laurel forest coming out on the road of Fanal, and entering a dirt road that ends in Fanal – with gazing cows. Following again trail towards Fio, we descent along a very technical trail, the Vereda da Cavaca. This trail is made up of mud, leaves, stones and roots, is at the same time beautiful and dangerous, so high attention is required.

After the long descent, we finish at the point of beginning Chão da Ribeira.

Elevation gain (m)

Distance (km)

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