Elevation gain 2806 m | Distance 30.4 km | Altitude min. 398 m | Altitude max. 1421 m

Curral das Freiras trail running tour route

Fonte dos Burros – Montado dos Aviceiros – Levada do Jardim da Serra – Boca dos Namorados

Starting from the viewpoint Boca dos Namorados, with a picturesque view of the Curral das Freiras village, we begin descent to that village through a long technical trail, ending in the Lombo Chão, and coming to the centre of Curral das Freiras through paths and road segments. Reaching the center of the Curral das Freiras we proceed through some paths to the place of Fajã Escura. Then we enter a long uphill trail with a view of the highest peaks of Madeira island, and proceed to a place called Relvinhas. Here we turn left and continue the trail running up and down some basalt stairs to Boca da Corrida where we can enjoy once again a panoramic view of Curral das Freiras from a different perspective. In Boca da Corrida is a forest house where (if necessary) we can refill water, and then continue through dirt road in the Jardim da Serra mountains through the Chão dos Terreiros, and then by Montado dos Aviceiros on a dirt road, where we enter a single track trail that goes straight to the Trompica forest house. From here we follow the dirt road to Fonte dos Burros where we have a breathtaking views of the Serra D ‘Água valley, Paúl da Serra plateau and Encumeada.

From this point, the return trail running goes by an alternative dirt road, and then again we enter a trail that leads us back to Chão dos Terreiros where we enter a trail in the Montado dos Aviceiros, after we turn left to find the Levada do Jardim da Serra.

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