Elevation gain 1329 m | Distance 11.3 km | Altitude min. 278 m | Altitude max. 626 m

Larano trail running tour route

Larano – Boca do Risco – Funduras – Larano

Starting in Cabo do Larano, we follow the Larano trail which cuts this cliff by the north coast, always with an ocean and mountain views. Arriving to Boca do Risco we start a short but steep climb, where we have breathtaking views of the ocean from the mountain crest, until we arrive the dirt road of Funduras. Following this road and passing through beautiful areas of Laurel forest, we arrive the Funduras forest house where we enter a spectacular single track, deep inside the dense forest.

Finishing part, we start a technical downhill towards the starting point.

Elevation gain (m)

Distance (km)

Altitude min. (m)

Altitude max. (m)

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