Elevation gain 2135 m | Distance 29.7 km | Altitude min. 8 m | Altitude max. 1404 m

Porto da Cruz 2 trail running tour route

Porto da Cruz – Terra Baptista – Levada do Furado – Chão das Feiteiras – Poiso – Pico do Suna – Lamaceiros – Portela – Funduras – Degolada – Praia da Maiata – Porto da Cruz

This trail starts next to the Alagoa Beach in Porto da Cruz, ascending a path, and following the steep road to Terra Baptista, high areas of Porto da Cruz. Here, we enter a long climb up to Pico do Suna, a small trail that ends at the Levada do Furado, following it right and going through the levada until it crosses with the Levada do Poço da Bezerra, going up in a trail to Chão das Feiteiras. From here we climb by a ancient Royal stone route covered with trees to Poiso. The descent starts in a trail behind the Poiso forest house, crossing the road a few times and heading for a dirt road where we turn left, and run always down passing through Pico do Suna to Lamaceiros where is a large pond of water storage for agriculture irrigation, and further down we arrive to the view point of Portela, where we can have a top view of entire Porto da Cruz.

The descent to the Porto da Cruz is made by a very steep and technical trail that ends at the Larano. Following the road and footpaths, we arrive at the Maiata Beach, and we finish the run in the centre of Porto da Cruz.

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