Elevation gain 3510 m | Distance 39.7 km | Altitude min. 19 m | Altitude max. 1844 m

São Jorge 2 trail running tour route

Calhau São Jorge – Ilha – Vale da Lapa – Queimadas – Achada do Teixeira – Pico Ruivo – Pico Canário – Miradouro das Voltas – Levada do Rei – Jogo da Bola – Fio – Calhau São Jorge

We start our trail running from Calhau de São Jorge by the road towards the old bridge, coming to a dirt road to start our ascent consisting of endless amount of steps to Ilha parish. Then we follow the road until entering a path always ascending, and crossing a few times some dirt roads, through the laurel forest of Madeira. In Vale da Lapa we find the Levada do Caldeirão Verde, and follow it to the left towards Queimadas. Along this levada we can envision some waterfalls and a whole immensity of green laurel forest. Arriving at Queimadas we start ascending towards Pico Ruivo. Following the path along the central mountain massif we pass through the Pico do Milhafre, and climb to Pico Canário, where we can have a unique view of the Pico Ruivo. From here the trail is always descending, until we find a dirt road leading to viewpoint of Voltas, where we have a view of the village of Boaventura. Following again a dirt road, we reach the forest house of Cascalho.

Then we run a few tens of meters through agricultural plantations to the Jogo da Bola, and then descending through the Fio stone path steeped in the hillside towards Calhau de São Jorge.


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