The most ancient ways of homo sapiens transportation are jogging and walking. Being natural creations of evolution, those ways provide the life for humans, help in normal and proportional development of a body. That is why humans are the most adapted to those exercises. But during walking, we consume up to 3 l/min of oxygen, and 10 times more during running.

American scientists call jogging as “a positive habit”. Unlike harmful habits, it is stimulating mind and creative activity. No wonder that many scientific discoveries, literature and musical masterpieces were born during jogging.

10:1 for a jog

Jogging is a serious exercise, which can give you health, become a good way of your life extension, and make it active and productive. As a great advantage the person, who is jogging regularly, have possibilities to:

1. Model his life and a character by setting challenges and overcoming difficulties.

2. Have a systematic “charging” of nervous system.

3. Normalize a blood pressure.

4. Postpone aging of the cardiovascular system.

5. Increase male sexual potency.

6. Temper a body and develop immune protection.

7. Exercise at any age, on your own or in a group, in any season or weather.

8. Choose comfortable conditions for exercising by using soft or hard ground, working out outside or indoors, increasing or decreasing the distance, changing shoes and its amortization.

9. Get rid of alcohol or tobacco addictions way faster than people who are not exercising.

10. Participate in sports competitions, achieving good results.

Good jog: how does it work?

Good jog how does it work

You cannot call jogging a cure, which is goal directed to some kind of disease. But it is a strong unspecific way of influence to your body so it would get stronger and healthier. The main specialty of jogging is a combination of physical effects factors:

  • all main body parts muscles are working;
  • a movement of each body part is complex and constant, aimed for its long lifting against Earth’s gravity forces;
  • mobility of the neck, shoulders, waist, hip, knee, ankle joints is generated;
  • increase the intensity of respiratory and cardiac activity;
  • the load level can be simply regulated.

Jogging also produces moral qualities such as restraint, self-discipline, self-confidence, attention to exercise. Those characteristics are basic for the formation of many years of sports and work activity.

Jogging: the main principles of exercising

While organizing work out sessions, you should follow the rule: “You organize the jog, it organizes you”. It is based on the following principles:

It expressed in a constant need of frequent loads repetitions (running speed and volume). This promotes the formation of strong positive changes in a body. Constant practice only shows result not only on a health but also for competition preparation on different distances.

It is based on constant increase of jogging load. Organs and body systems are adapting better to the functional changed like that. Loads dosing must correspond to a human abilities and its level of training.

It will help to choose better jogging load to particular runner. Such parameters as age, the level of strength, stamina, flexibility and others are taking into account. The aim to reach exact results faster is a mistake of amateurs. But even in professional sport, the sense of limits would help in further development. Because it is just a part of the life, which aims to increase the level of life quality and to reach positive perception of the world.

From health to sport achievements

sport achievements

Work out session should be regular to achieve first results. It is better to start with exercising 3 times per week during 35 minutes; it is necessary to start slowly with gradual increase of the pace. People with lack of training should start with a walk, alternating it with a jog in a pace of fast walking. Before the start of a work out, is it necessary to have a warm up during 10-15 minutes (squats in a slow pace, walking on tiptoes, torso rotations, circular movements of the head).

During work out you should make sure that feet are contacting a treadmill correctly. Whole foot is participating in exercise; it moves slowly from heel to toes. The movements should be light, free, loose but thrifty for rational energy spends. Vitamin C (1 g per 1 hour of active work out) will help to adapt muscles and protect it from traumas.

It is important to follow your heartbeat, which depends on age, reach (beats per 10 seconds):

  • for untrained adults – from 25 to 21;
  • for trained adults – from 24 to 20.

Professional sportsmen give advise to amateurs that you should not be afraid to participate in competitions, which are lower than your abilities. You should not worry about results or other’s opinion because the fact of participating in competition it is already a win. Over yourself, over the previously well-established lifestyle, over the imperfection of the world.